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All work is undertaken to the terms and conditions of H&M Removals contract, which greatly limits liability. Insurance can be arranged through us if you so wish. (Click here to view our terms and conditions).

Do not under insure. Under insurance can, in the event of a claim, result in only part settlement of the claim. Make sure therefore that each and every item that is to be moved is insured for its full replacement value.

Only packing undertaken by H&M Removals is insurable. Breakages occurring in packing done by owner are uninsurable.

Should there be any reason to make an insurance claim, all risk or total loss in transit, please note that there is a limit to the period in which you must submit a claim.

To avoid any problems in the event of an insurance claim, please adhere strictly to these instructions. Your removal or storage is not automatically insured by H&M Removals, but we can offer you insurance by a premium being levied.
View and print out insurance forms here.