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Our unique containerized storage system means that you only pay for the amount of storage that you actually need. Our storage area is totally secure, with electrified fencing, an alarm system and 24 hour security.

The storage area is large, clean, spacious and totally enclosed.

The supervisor will prepare an inventory of all items removed for storage.

Do not store confidential papers, e.g. motor license, driver’s license, insurance policies and Identity Documents.

If you know of any large items that might be needed during the storage period, ask H&M Removals to make a note of these.

This will ensure that items are easily accessible at all times. Once the goods are packed away, a charge is made for unstacking, selecting and re-stacking goods that are in store.

Please notify H&M Removals immediately if you change your address, telephone, email address etc. while your goods are in store.

Adequate notice is required when goods are eventually required to be taken out of storage. Please book this well in advance.

Please Note
For ease of payment of monthly storage accounts; we offer the facility to set up a stop order system. This ensures that the hassle of worrying about paying your monthly storage account is taken away. Email: to help you set things up, or phone our accounts department on +27 21 380 4000.